Over the years, we have developed a large assortment of functional skin care products, all of which have been developed for their performance quality.  You can choose between our successful stock formulas or together, create a semi-custom or full custom formulation.

Stock Formulation:  Our 2014/2015 catalog of stock formulations can be downloaded by clicking here.

Semi-Custom Formulation: Involves adapting our stock formulations with the addition or subtraction on a few key ingredients.  A semi-custom formulation can deliver your version at a faster and more affordable rate because the product is readily available except for your addition of fragrance, or active ingredient that follows your theme.

Full Custom Formulation: Together, we can develop your unique product with your parameters in mind.  Our experienced and helpful Research and Development chemists can create custom formulated products according to your desires and specifications.  This process requires stability and challenge testing.

Pricing:  There are many variables to the development of your product, i.e. packaging, net contents, number of units ordered, stock, semi-custom, full custom formulations, etc.  We are happy to provide for you a quote once we have a clear understanding of your needs, desires and budget.


Our 2014/2015 catalog of stock private label formulas is available for immediate download here. For information about our semi-custom or full custom formulas, please contact us at 877-754-6769 or email us at – we are happy to hear from you.